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Since the mid-1990s, the Associazione Sport Tre Cime Promotor, founded by Giobbe Mastellotto with the indispensable support of a group of friends and enthusiasts of motorsport, deals with passion and expertise of the organization of automotive sporting events. Two very classic as the Alpe del Nevegal time trial and the Bellunese Rally have become, over the years and with the passing of the editions, the authentic “flagship” of the Dolomite association.

The founding base of the organizational success of the Tre Cime Promotor, and therefore of the two races, was the ability to involve and coagulate within it the knowledge and skills of authentic, passionate and competent athletes, who also love their land and the two competitions that traditionally best represent it in the motor industry. With the tenacity that is typical of mountain people, supported by the deep passion of its members and collaborators, year after year, Tre Cime Promotor has cut many important goals.

On February 14, 2018, after a successful season in the role of vice president, Achille “Brik” Selvestrel assumed the role of president of the Tre Cime Promotor sports association. The new course has brought a breath of renewed enthusiasm into the organizing group, which, with the entry of other very motivated friends and collaborators, has shown that it can more than worthily collect the witness voluntarily left by others.

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